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Trusting your Master

I was driving down a four lane highway just south of Birmingham, Alabama the other day, and just in front of me, over in the other southbound lane, was, well, a scene I’ve witnessed many times here in the south. It was a pickup truck – one that had clearly done it’s time over the years – with a dog hanging his head out of the passenger side window.

The fur on the pup’s head was standing straight up, his tongue slapping in the breeze, which caused some of that dog slobber to slap up against my windshield. He was looking around at different things as they passed, and clearly didn’t have a care in the world.

As I mentioned, this is not an uncommon sight here in the Deep South, but it did bring a thought to my mind.

That dog had no idea where it was going, but he sure was happy getting there. I’ve always loved the joke that says, why is it that if you blow air in a dog’s face, he growls and gets mad, but if you put him in your car, the first thing he wants to do is stick his head out the window?

The bottom line is this – he TRUSTED his master.

Now, granted, he could have been headed to the local dog park, or to the lake, or just out for a joy ride, but, maybe he was headed to the dreaded vet’s office, or to get groomed. Judging by the fur that was standing up on his head, I’d say he could have used a trim. Nevertheless, the dog was happy, obviously didn’t have a worry, and like I said, was trusting his master.

I don’t usually get too spiritual on my blog, but today I am. I want to ask you this – who is your master and do you trust him? Listen, life gets crazy sometimes. We don’t always know what is around the corner. Is my new job going to pan out? Is my marriage going to make it? Is my car going to last one more season or do I need to trade it in now? Amy I being a good parent?

Life’s questions abound as do the uncertainties. We have a couple of choices – we can bury our head in the sand and try to hide from all of the unknowns of life, OR, just like the dog in the truck, we can stick our head out the window, let our hair blow in the wind, and trust that our Master knows exactly what he’s doing.

The point of my blog is to motivate you and inspire you to have the best life you can have STARTING TODAY. I’m just not sure that will be possible unless you don’t trust your Master.

Remember, Life Begins….TODAY

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