Motivation, Responsibility

Taking Ownership

Have you ever purchased a new car?  Man, there is NOTHING better than the feeling of driving that brand new car off the lot. There is also no feeling like when that first car payment comes due, but that’s for another day.

When we purchase a new car, what do we do? We show it off. It doesn’t matter if it is a Prius or a little red Corvette. It’s new. It’s gorgeous. We want everybody – our family, our
friends, our co-workers – to see it.

New car interiorAnd of course, there is that new car smell. Ahhhhh, there’s nothing like it.

When we purchase a new automobile, we take ownership of it. We are responsible for making the car payments, for buying the fuel, for keeping the oil changed, air in the tires, and insurance.  But we also take ownership in that, we want everybody to know it belongs to us.

But then…..5 years down the road.

For some, they are still making payments. But now, the automobile is 5 years old.  There are dents in the fender and dings in the door. There is dirt in the carpet, stains on the seats, and the steering wheel is worn. The paint has started to fade, two of the tires need to be replaced, and the heated seats now only get heated after someone has been sitting in them.

While the actual ownership has not changed (it’s still your car), the feeling or Delorianresponsibility of ownership has. You no longer park in the very front of the church so everybody can see your new car, now you park in the back beside the dumpster. You don’t park out away from the grocery store where nobody will park next to you and put dings in your door, instead you park anywhere you can, and possibly put dings in other people’s doors. And dates! Oh my. Where once you couldn’t wait to show up for your date in your shiny new car, now you are hoping she will be okay if you take an Uber.

Just like a new car, or an old car, we have to take responsibility in life.

When we take that new job, have a baby, move to a new house, get married, set sales goals, whatever the case may be, we must take ownership when things are shiny and new, AND when they are not as spectacular as they use to be.

If you are late work for the third time in a month and you get reprimanded, it is not your boss’s fault because he is too demanding, it is your fault for not being on time.Goal setting

Should a representative from the neighborhood association come by and warn you that you could be fined because you have a boat parked in the driveway, take ownership of the fact that you are violating the agreement you signed when you moved into that subdivision.

Didn’t reach your sales goals last month. It’s not your boss’s fault, not the economy, not your having had a cold, not the weather. You set a goal, you didn’t reach it – take ownership.

One of the biggest issues that we have in society today, it that nobody seems to want to take ownership when things go south. Bad situations are always someone else’s fault. Can you imagine the world we’d live in if people took ownership of both the good things and the bad?  Your chances for success in every area of your life will vastly improve once you learn to take ownership of what you are responsible for.

You are not responsible for anybody else, but you are responsible for you.

Enjoy that new car.

Life begins TODAY!

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